Lisa Vanderpump is not a fan of credit cards.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed in an interview with InStyle published on Friday, that she likes to know where she stands when it comes to her money.

“You’re not gonna believe it, I don’t even have a credit card. I have a debit card, and it comes out of my account,” Vanderpump, 58, shares. “Because if I had a credit card, I would never pay the bills. I just wouldn’t remember.”

“[My daughter] Pandora says, ‘With the amount of money you spend, you should have a credit card so you can get points,’” she adds. “But I like to know where I stand.”

The Vanderpump Rules leading lady, however, has always worked hard for her money, and likes to treat herself.

“My parents never lavished gifts and money on us. God, I hope they don’t read this. They were a bit stingy,” she said. “I would get nice Christmas and birthday presents, but they were frugal. So I worked every school holiday.”

Now as a mother of two, she makes sure that her children are also smart with their money.

“I’ve always kept some money and invested in property, and I encourage my kids to do the same,” she explains. “I helped Pandora [and her husband] out with the deposit, they have their own mortgage, and already they’re moving up in the property market. Same with Max. It’s very difficult now for young people to get started in a place like Los Angeles. That was something I could help them with, but they have the responsibility of their bills and their mortgage, and I think that’s an important part of growing up.”

For Vanderpump, it’s also importance to be financially independent. “Money is freedom. It gives you the power as a woman to say that you come and go when you want to,” she says. “And, you know, ‘Let me pick up this dinner bill.’”

“I have total autonomy over my own money,” she adds. “If [my husband] Ken [Todd] saw, he’d be saying, ‘What’s this? What’s that?’ But actually, I’m more conservative than he is.”

Meanwhile, ET spoke with Vanderpump last month and addressed rumors that she had left RHOBH. 

“I haven’t said anything for two months. Now, everybody’s been talking about this. I’ve just been going about my business and doing my things,” Vanderpump said, before answering the question on everyone’s minds.

Hear what she said in the video below.


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