Trading started on 13 December when the Safcoin official alternate was launched. The price immediately went up from R77 to R90 with many becoming members of the South African crypto.

With 86% of ICO’s never launching or even hitting 0 after launch the South African crypto looks to be heading in the right direction.

“We are very pleased with how the launch went after some sceptical mixed feelings in the market with the ICO stage. The Safcoin team has really stood tall and proved to be one of the top emerging cryptos in Africa. South Africans can now be proud of their crypto which was created by South Africans for Africa.”

“Safcoin is so much more than just a crypto. We have massive plans for the South African crypto moving into Africa, where we can connect the entire African market with each other. The future for Safcoin is to be traded across the entire African online e-commerce market and to send the crypto to each other via the Safcoin African exchange.”

“Send Safcoin from South Africa to Botswana or Mozambique and vice versa with 0 fees. Cross border money sending has always been a bulky and expensive exercise; with Safcoin we are looking at the solution to many individuals for this problem.”

The complete allrounder

Safcoin is extra than simply one other crypto. Not like different altcoints, the Safcoin workforce has performed the whole all rounding efficiency on the crypto. It has launched the ICO for early traders, migrated ICO tokens to cryptocurrency cash, created a blockchain with mining verifying transaction and created a safcoin block explorer.

It has also developed an exclusive South African exchange for trading, launched their mobile app on playstore and IOS, opened two call centres for assistance, a Bitcoin wallet on the Safcoin exchange to send Bitcoin and with which to buy Safcoins, and integrated a credit/debit card payment method for international investors.

It is thus a very attractive start-up for crypto enthusiasts.

Interested in joining ? Here’s how to buy your own Safcoin and be part of the South african crypto

You can use Safcoin’s official website to download the app or create your account.

Sign-up with your email address and password and verify the email account with the link sent to your email address.

Login to verify your account details and your cellphone number.

You can now view your wallet and deposit funds into your ZAR wallet.

You can buy your SAF crypto on instant buy or on the exchange.

Safcoin opens second call centre, East London

The call centres are there to help the not so tech-savvy individuals to also be part of the local crypto, which is only in the start-up stage.

Understanding their market and knowing what is needed to achieve this, they have opened their second call centre in East London. The first was opened in Southern Cape in September last year.

“We have been helping individuals create email accounts, join online banking for the first time in their lives, teach them about playstore and mobile apps and what cryptocurrency is about. The crypto world is still very much an unknown territory for many South Africans, yet there can be the use case of the technology for every individual, business or consumer. Safcoin will be here to help.”

Safcoin core values 
• Passion
• Appreciation
• Simplicity
• Trust
• Ubuntu
For more information and to buy your Safcoins, visit website

The Safcoin mobile wallet app and exchange can be downloaded on Google Play Store or on the Apple AppStore. Visit the Safcoin website for download links.

Safcoin is a registered member of The Blockchain Association of Africa.


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